Case Study: Kennedy Space Center - VR Experiences


Get as close to space as any NASA scientist or astronaut with virtual reality experiences that truly brings space to you. With your mobile phone and a cardboard style VR headset, you can interact with 3 separate mobile VR apps from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Space Dreams

Explore the room of a space-inspired child to learn facts and figures about our solar system from galactic-themed décor including each planet, a Mars rover, a Mercury spacesuit and more.

Edge of Home

See the International Space Station like an astronaut. Take part in an extravehicular activity walk around the outside of the ISS while learning facts and figures about each module.

KSC 360 Expedition

See all parts of the visitor complex, learn facts about each rocket in the Rocket Garden, gaze at Space Shuttle Atlantis as she floats in orbit, take a ride on the moon in a lunar rover at the Apollo/Saturn V Center and sit in the commander seat of the Mercury-Atlas 8, Gemini 9 and Apollo 14 capsules. See every switch, gauge and lever as only astronauts Wally Schirra, Gene Cernan and Alan Shephard have seen before.

Travel into Space & become a NASA hero



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The Story

NASA & the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex needed a newer more exciting way to engage, educate and entertain visitors about the glory of the past and the wonder of the future of Space and to have a wow factor shareable experience once visitors returned home. Space is a really big place to tackle, so they turned to BrandXR to pitch and develop several VR experiences. Through several onsite visits, concepts and interviews with real NASA scientists and space industry experts we filtered down to 3 different styles of VR experiences.

The immersive atmosphere is really something we’re striving for here at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We want our guests to feel space, not just come and see it. Virtual reality makes that experience come alive.
— Therrin Protze, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Chief Operating Officer

The Solution

The aim was to make the VR experiences available in the broadest and most cost effective fashion possible so the maximum number of visitors could take it home after leaving the Visitor Complex. So we chose mobile apps as the distribution method and cardboard headsets which users could slide their phones into.

The Results

We crafted 3 unique experiences that present different aspects of the Space industry downloadable to iOS and Android phones and using common cardboard VR headsets.

Edge of Home

- Take an EVA space walk tour around the ISS as if you were a real NASA Astronaut.

Space Dreams

- Travel through the solar system through the eyes and imagination of a small child.

KSC 360 Expedition

- Visit areas of Kennedy Space Center that only a few people on earth have ever seen as if you were standing there in person.

These 3 apps allowed people from all walks of life to experience what it's like to be in space and to see things they've never seen before and above all else bring a smile to their faces.