About Us

At BrandXR, we believe that new immersive technologies like augmented, virtual, and mixed reality will help businesses cut through the digital noise and deliver compelling and impactful experiences. We have assembled a team of the brightest and hungriest minds in 3D, augmented/virtual/mixed reality, artificial intelligence, and game development giving our clients access to the most cutting edge technologies and distribution strategies.

Our Founders


Moody Mattan, CEO

Moody is the founder and CEO of BrandVR. Prior to founding BrandVR, Moody founded PowisVR, where he built a multi-million dollar virtual reality headset and mobile accessories business. He led investments in Meta, Sidecar, and Genius (formerly Rap Genius) at Fenox Venture Capital.

With a background in venture capital, business development, and marketing, Moody specializes in finding profitable strategies for emerging technologies.

A former Wayne State University football player, Moody recently moved back to Detroit to strengthen the tech community and play a role in the city’s resurgence.


Kunal Patel, CTO

Kunal is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of BrandVR. 

Patel's work in the payments industry has provided him with a deeper understanding of small businesses, how they operate, the technical hurdles they face on simple things and how small innovations can have wide sweeping impact.

Patel has contributed to the Orlando startup community, founding Orlando Game Space coworking offices in downtown; community organization Indienomicon; and hosted the fourth Indie Galactic Space Jam.



Derrick Barra, CDD

Derrick is the Chief Development Director of BrandVR. Prior to managing BrandVR, Derrick founded Gambit Games, where he led teams that produced cutting edge AR and VR experiences for companies such as NASA and the Florida Lottery. He pitched and led development on experiences, theme parks, rides and attractions, and awareness campaigns using AR/VR.

With a Masters from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) and a background in programming and leadership. Derrick is dedicated to growing the game development community in Florida and co-founded the Orlando Game Space and Level Up Academy.